Placa Samsung (TEPRI2) Two Circuit T-1 PRI

Placa Samsung (TEPRI2) Two Circuit T-1 PRI
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The Samsung (TEPRI2) Dual Circuit Digital Trunk Interface Card (KPOS74BTEP/XAR) features:
▪ The TEPRI2 offers the exact functionality of the original TEPRI card but combines two TEPRI cards into one board
▪ Each circuit provides 24 channels for T1/PRI CO trunking or for Qsig for PRI networking
▪ Uses only one slot in the KSU
▪ The TEPRI2 can be installed in any universal slot
▪ If the TEPRI2 is installed in the OS7400 main cabinet you get dual circuits per card
▪ If the TEPRI2 is installed the OS7400 expansion cabinet you get only a single circuit per card
▪ Manufacturer's 5-year warranty - call for details

Please note:
▪ Both circuits on the TEPRI2 must be used for CO trunking or both for Qsig PRI networking
▪ You cannot split the functionality between the circuits
▪ Supported on OS7400 – Only

Samsung OfficeServ 7100 / 7200 / 7400 TePRI2 / KPOS74BTEP Dual Port Digital Trunk (Supports T1, PRI and E1) Circuit Card