Switch Cisco 2970G - 24T - E

Switch Cisco 2970G - 24T - E
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Explanation in Detail
In general, Cisco switches? models are started with WS-. WS-C means the switch products and the products with WS-X begining refer to the engines or modules of switches. In addition, there is WS-G which means the Gigabit fiber optic transceiver modules of switches. Now, I explain the detailed meaning of each letter in the model through a few of examples.
eg. WS-C3560G-24TS-S

  • W ? stands for IPSEC 40bit encryption;
  • S ? means switchboard;
  • C ? means the fixed-configuration switch;
  • 3650 ? refers to the seires;
  • G ? means all the interfaces are supported Gigabit or more. If there is no letter ?G? here, it shows that the mainly port of this switch is 10/100M or 100M;
  • 24 ? here means there are 24 ports of this switch;
  • T ? stands for port of BaseT port; sometimes, there is letter ?P? here which means BaseT port which supports PoE at the same time;
  • S ? the S behind T means the extended interface is SFP type interface and uplink;

Note: There are also ?D? or ?C? or ?W?repalcing ?T? or ?S? here, which respectively means 10Gigabit Ethernet XENPAK port and uplink, T/SPF and uplink, Integrated wireless LAN controller(50 support for up to 50 access points). Some combination meaning as following:
TT ? common port and uplink port are both BaseT;
LC ? common port is BaseT and partially support PoE(4 ports) uplink port are BaseT/SFP;
PC ? common port is BaseT and all support PoE(24 ports) uplink port are BaseT/SFP;
TC ?common port is BaseT and uplink port are all BaseT/SFP;
TS ? common port is BaseT and uplink port are all SFP;
PS ? common port is BaseT and all support the PoE, uplink port are all SFP;
FS ? common port is 100BaseFX and uplink port are all SFP;
when there is only T, it means there is no uplink port in the switch.



Cisco 2970 Series 24 puertos Gigabit Switch , WS - C2970G - 24TS - E

El Cisco Catalyst 2970G - 24TS es asequible conmutador Gigabit Ethernet que ofrecen servicios inteligentes a velocidad de cable para pequeñas y medianas empresas y sucursales de la empresa.

Ofrece un conjunto completo de servicios inteligentes, el switch Catalyst 2970G - 24TS puede mejorar el rendimiento de la red y aumentar la productividad de los trabajadores de hoy mediante la ampliación de conocimientos de forma inteligente más allá de 100 Mbps a través de los cables de cobre existentes de la categoría 5.

Interfaces: ( 24 ) 10/100 / 1000BASE-T Ethernet - RJ45 ( 4 )

Puertos SFP Gigabit ( 1 ) Consola - RJ45 Indicadores de estado: la integridad del enlace , los inválidos, Actividad, Velocidad , indicaciones de dúplex completo , Sistema , RPS , las indicaciones de utilización de ancho de banda Sistema operativo: Cisco Enhanced Image (EI ) IOS

Modelo # : WS - C2970G - 24TS - E

Peso : 12,89 libras

Cantidad puerto 24

Unidades de bastidor 1.5RU

Nivel 2 de OSI