Placa Cisco NM Modems 8AM

Placa Cisco NM Modems 8AM
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NM Modems 8AM


Router#show modem version

Slot 4:MCOM Analog Integrated Modem Firmware Version 1.2.9

 Source: IOS

 Boot firmware:  1.1.5

 MIMIC firmware: 1.3.3

 Modem firmware: 2.3.21

 DSP firmware:   0.0.2



Los módulos análogos de la red del módem de NM-8AM  proporcionan 8  módems internos del análogo V.34. La ayuda de estos módems de Microcom aceleró a 33.6 kbps. Cada puerto es un RJ-11 y necesita los conectores individuales de los cables RJ-11 para conectar con la red del teléfono.


  • Supports speeds up to 33.6 kbps (V.34bis). Supports the two wire leased line beginning in Cisco IOS® Version 12.1(5)T with firmware version 1.2.8

·  Supports fax-out utilizing the Cisco Dial-Out Client.

·  All connectors are RJ-11. These modules ship with 8 or 16 pink RJ-11 cables (a bundle of 8 pink cables is available as CAB-NM-ANALOGMOD).

·  Does not support 56 kbps (V.90). This is a limitation of V.90 technology and is not a hardware issue. Refer to Overview of General Modem and NAS Line Quality for further information.

·  Fast Step software can be used for initital configuration on Cisco 2610 only.