Switch Catalyst c2950c - 24 Puertos 10/100

Switch Catalyst 2950
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  • Marca: Cisco
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Switch Catalyst 2950-24 Puertos 10/100

Ofrece funcionalidad de IOS para los datos básicos de video y voz de la red.

Memoria Flash: 8Mb

Memoria Ram: 16Mb

Cisco Catalyst 2950-24 es parte de los switches inteligentes de Ethernet de la serie 2950. 

La serie 2950 es una línea de productos que trae servicios inteligentes, tales como seguridad realzada, alta disponibilidad y la calidad avanzada del servicio (QoS). Además, mantiene la simplicidad de la conmutación tradicional del LAN.




Explanation in Detail
In general, Cisco switches’ models are started with WS-. WS-C means the switch products and the products with WS-X begining refer to the engines or modules of switches. In addition, there is WS-G which means the Gigabit fiber optic transceiver modules of switches. Now, I explain the detailed meaning of each letter in the model through a few of examples.
eg. WS-C3560G-24TS-S

  • W — stands for IPSEC 40bit encryption;
  • S — means switchboard;
  • C — means the fixed-configuration switch;
  • 3650 — refers to the seires;
  • G — means all the interfaces are supported Gigabit or more. If there is no letter “G” here, it shows that the mainly port of this switch is 10/100M or 100M;
  • 24 — here means there are 24 ports of this switch;
  • T — stands for port of BaseT port; sometimes, there is letter “P” here which means BaseT port which supports PoE at the same time;
  • S — the S behind T means the extended interface is SFP type interface and uplink;

Note: There are also “D” or “C” or “W”repalcing “T” or “S” here, which respectively means 10Gigabit Ethernet XENPAK port and uplink, T/SPF and uplink, Integrated wireless LAN controller(50 support for up to 50 access points). Some combination meaning as following:
TT — common port and uplink port are both BaseT;
LC — common port is BaseT and partially support PoE(4 ports) uplink port are BaseT/SFP;
PC — common port is BaseT and all support PoE(24 ports) uplink port are BaseT/SFP;
TC –common port is BaseT and uplink port are all BaseT/SFP;
TS — common port is BaseT and uplink port are all SFP;
PS — common port is BaseT and all support the PoE, uplink port are all SFP;
FS — common port is 100BaseFX and uplink port are all SFP;
when there is only T, it means there is no uplink port in the switch.